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Conference Name Stateline Farm Beginnings

Goli Ziolek, Kate Larson, and Ritchie Wai


Stateline Farm BeginningsĀ®, a member of the national Farm Beginnings Collaborative, is a yearlong program with 100+ contact hours of business planning classes, field days, and one-on-one mentorships.

Economic viability is the cornerstone of the program, with a focus on helping farmers master the financial and business skills necessary for long-term success and to gain the technical skills which mitigate the risks unique to their products, farm model, and/or socio-economic circumstances. Most sessions feature a regional farmer or community stakeholder, sharing first-hand experiences, guidance through relatable obstacles, and practical tools and resources.

Participants explore their personal and professional values to build goals that are meaningful and realistic. Over the course of the year, participants draft a farm proposal, personalized learning plan, and business plan to help launch their farm dreams into reality.

Designed specifically for aspiring and beginning farmers underserved by traditional farm support services and crop insurance, a recent overhaul of the curriculum has created a greater impact and engagement of participants:

January to March - Farm Dreams Intensive
? Goal-setting, developing a mission & vision, marketing strategies, planning for profit, creating a personalized learning plan, and developing a farm proposal
?Taken as a standalone course, or as a part of the complete Stateline Farm BeginningsĀ® program.

March to October - Skill Building Practicum
? Visit regional farms
? Work one-on-one with an experienced farmer in a specific area of interest, driven by a personalized learning plan

October to December - Farm Business Intensive
? Budgeting, pricing strategies, understanding and drafting financial statements, and developing a business plan

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