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Conference Name Strengthening Landlord/Tenant Relationships

Willie Huot


Rapidly escalating land values, changing land ownership patterns and volatile commodity prices are making land rental negotiations more complex for most landlords and tenants throughout the upper Midwest. Simultaneously, ND Farm Business Management records reveal that most ND producers experienced record incomes these past two years. This scenario has greatly increased the challenges landowners and operator face in negotiating suitable land rental agreements that can adapt to volatile prices and yields.

In response to this situation, NDSU Extension developed an educational program that showcases alternatives to consider in negotiating land rental contracts and ways to improve communications between land owners and operators. Over 30 land lease educational workshops were conducted throughout communities in North Dakota during the past 16 months. Two Extension Ag Economists and selected field staff were the primary presenters for these sessions. Participants also learned about many web based resources available to help them make land rental decisions. Over 900 land owners and operators have participated in these sessions.

Evaluations reveal that over 96% of the participants have improved their understanding of various forces impacting land values. Further, the evaluations reveal that about 90% of those attending have improved their understanding of land rental options as well as their ability to communicate between the parties by use of resumes’ and newsletters.