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Conference Name Supporting Farmers during Challenging Times

Katie Wantoch


Healthy on-farm relationships between farm owners, family members, agribusiness professionals, etc. are vital to a farm’s success. If these relationships are burdened by stress or lack of clear communication, the farm business may not succeed. Increased volatility in agricultural commodity markets and tighter profit margins realized in recent years have stressed farmers and are resulting in strained and challenged relationships in Western Wisconsin communities. UW-Extension has hosted quarterly half day meetings for the past two years to assist agribusiness professionals and agency staff in feeling more comfortable and confident working with farmers and farm families in distress. This presentation will discuss the topics that have been discussed at these workshops (cost of production, dairy farm profitability, mental health, Extension and Farm Service Agency resources, etc.) and continued efforts to meet the needs of this audience. Additional topic specific workshops have also been held for professionals, including a session lead by Extension and attorneys on farm workouts, bankruptcy and foreclosures. Agribusiness professionals have appreciated these timely and relevant educational offerings. Evaluations have indicated the information that was presented is very much valued and found it very informative.