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Conference Name Taking Stock--Developing programs for post-startup women farmers.

Mary Peabody


As farm businesses grow and mature there are critical decisions that need the attention of the farm team. It is important for farmers to understand these decision points and anticipate them in order to plan effectively. Very often, for women farmers, the timing of these growth decisions comes simultaneously with increasing demands of family, community, and/or off-farm employment demands.

The Women´s Ag Network of Vermont(WAgN-VT)has worked with women farmers to identify the critical decision points in the business development continuum, anticipate personal and professional demands, and develop action strategies that will work best given the farmer´s situation and goals.

To address these issues WAgN-VT has been developing teaching materials that encourage women farmers to map out their progress and their goals and identify where tension will occur.

In this session we will introduce some of the tools that we use and explain some of the opportunities and challenges in helping women farmers plan for their future business success.