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Conference Name The Investing for Farm Families Curriculum for Educating Farm Families

Jason Johnson


Farmers and ranchers have numerous resources to enable them to become more skilled at managing critical decisions regarding their agricultural operations. However, few resources exist that provide the same level of empowerment regarding the interrelated nature of family financial management decisions and farm/ranch business objectives. With the support of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) Investor Education Foundation, an innovative team comprised of agricultural economists and family and consumer science experts collaborated to develop a curriculum that integrates these financial management issues. This newly available resource is titled, “Investing for Farm Families.” Among the issues identified addressed in this material that has been missing in previous educational curriculums are: land ownership and its role as a financial asset in family financial plans, the asset allocation implications of an agricultural business, and farm family retirement and estate planning issues.

Investing for Farm Families was designed to provide the education and information needed to help individuals assess their current management plan and target future activities that will advance their objectives. The resulting educational materials, decision aids, and resources are an excellent addition to support the popular Annie´s Project curriculum or can serve as a standalone set of materials for educational programming to anyone with internet access through the National eXtension framework. This presentation will highlight navigation of the course, overview curriculum modules and exercises, and discuss how these resources can be used by educators to assist farm/ranch managers and families.