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Conference Name Tools to Improve the Quality of Labor Management Decision-Making

Beth Holtzman and John Hendrickson


Learn about three new web-based decision-support tools and related informational resources farmers can use to help address labor management issues on diversified produce farms. Labor is the largest cost on specialty crop produce farms and there are there are intersecting human, financial and legal risks associated with hiring, managing, and paying for labor. The three tools – a “Labor Readiness Self-Assessment,” “Job Description Generator” and “Employee Cost Calculator,” address key topics identified in the “Improving the Quality of Labor Management Decisions for Small and Medium-sized Farm Operators” project, a multi-state research and Extension project, funded by the USDA-AFRI program. Using both quantitative and qualitative research methods, the project has examined relationships between household needs, farm structure, and market forces to understand how small- and medium-scale farmers can better anticipate the amount and type of labor needed to attain their business and quality of life goals. The extension components of the project are integrating the research findings into farmer-ready tools and informational resources, all available on the project website. In this fast-paced, interactive workshop, we’ll provide a brief overview of research approach and findings, engage participants in a “test drive” each of the tools, and close with group discussion of ways educators can incorporate these tools in their programming.