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Conference Name Trickle Irrigation-The Wave of the Future

Hezekiah Gibson, Helen Brown, and Frances Gibson


Trickle irrigation is the slow application of water to plants on or beneath the soil surface. It is truly the wave of the future in that it will help farm producers raise more produce when it dry during the hot months.

This presentation will show how drip irrigation help conserve water by applying continuous drops, streams through small openings in tubing, small plastic piles fitted with outlets called emitters, or drippers. How drip irrigation make sure it releases water at the right time. How the soil is responsible for distributing the water. This type system is good for most agricultural crops, terrains, and soils including steep and rocky ground.

Although drip irrigation systems are less expensive to install than conventional surface PVC systems, using less water, the trickle irrigation system can be expensive due to the large quantities of piping and filtration equipment used in setting the system up. However, cost depends on the crops, terrains, and the availability of water.

United Farmers USA will share how producers in South Carolina use the trickle irrigation system to help bring them from doom to gloom. The mentorship and hands on education given to the new and beginning socially disadvantaged farmers to use simple methods of tubing to water their farm produce and the success of earning more by using what they had in the storehouse. It has also proven to be very beneficial to those producers who grow vegetables or specialty crops in large quantities.


2013 Extension Risk Management Education National Conference