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Conference Name Unique Partnerships and Approaches for Beginning Farmers & Ranchers

Stacy Hadrick


We’ve heard this time and time again: In order for the farmers and ranchers of the future to succeed, they have to do things differently. Our team asked ourselves: What does different look like? How do we help diversify and manage the risk in the current business environment? For our traditional beginning farmers and ranchers in rural South Dakota, it is utilizing the resources and skills they already have in new and different ways. To address the need, we created a program that meshed proven successful educational concepts, like case studies of successful alternative enterprises. Next, we looked to resources we had within our traditional network to enhance the curriculum and create the skill set needed to develop an added enterprise separate from production agriculture. Finally, we collaborated with an unlikely conservation focused partner that made some people in the learning community squirm. Viable diversification options, steps, and resources are at the fingertips of the participants to navigate beyond traditional agriculture.