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Conference Name Web-Based Education for Kansas Agribusiness via AgManager.info

Kevin Dhuyvetter


Approximately ten years have passed since the internet was first widely used for delivery of Extension educational materials. As computer costs decline and rural broadband internet connections become more accessible, the demand for information content on the Internet by agricultural managers continues to grow. Likewise, as Extension budgets tighten, the need for more efficient delivery systems is increasing.

In 2002, Extension faculty in the Department of Agricultural Economics at Kansas State University developed a single comprehensive site, www.AgManager.info, with the intent of providing information and tools for agribusiness managers in Kansas and surrounding states. This site has become one of the most visited sites in the K-State Research and Extension system, currently receiving more than 40,000 visits per month.

AgManager.info provides diverse information on traditional topics such as Agribusiness; Crops (including market outlook, production and management, and insurance); Livestock (including market outlook, insurance, production, and management); and Ag Policy (with special emphasis on information regarding the 2007 Farm Bill debate). Newer topics include Energy, focusing on the effects of energy prices on agribusinesses in Kansas; and News and Upcoming Events, which provide users with easily accessible updates of time-sensitive information which would be difficult to deliver using traditional methods, such as direct mailings. Decision tools are also available to users, allowing them to evaluate various scenarios specific to their operations.

This presentation outlines the development of AgManager.info and, more importantly, presents trends and challenges which will influence future delivery of Extension education via the Internet.