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Conference Name Women in Boots & Blue Jeans

Mary Sobba


This program began in Missouri in 2009 through a RMA grant to target certain risk areas in-depth. This was a spinoff program from Annie’s Project that was developed through suggestions of participants in Annie’s Project, and is targeted towards farm women.

The planning of this program began with a committee of Extension specialists, private professionals and a USDA professional. The program was designed to include three major areas of risk: marketing, financial and legal issues. The marketing session focused on strategies for grain and livestock. The financial session focused on both macro and farm based issues. Legal included estate planning and dealing with legal issues in a modern, instant communication environment. A two day program was developed with four hours of training in each area. Many lessons were learned the first year and improvements are being implemented for 2010.

The concept will remain the same in-depth training on a focused risk area. For 2010, Legal issues dealing with land ownership is the target. The format has changed based on lessons learned and participant feedback. The improved format will be five one day trainings with the same agenda. Two trainings will be completed before the conference and results will be included on the poster.

Each participant completed an evaluation at the conclusion of the conference and 30% participated in an online follow up evaluation six months following the conference.