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Conference Name Women in Boots & Blue Jeans: Reaching a Non-traditional Audience

Mary Sobba


The idea of this program came from some past participants of Annie’s Project who wanted additional risk management training with in-depth information. A team of ag business specialists worked together and developed a program called Women in Boots & Blue Jeans to offer risk management training. The program is in its third year and has used some ideas that worked well and others that did not work so well. From the beginning, the total focus has been offering a high quality educational opportunity, for a reasonable fee.

This program was designed to be delivered by a team, using a combination of presentations, discussions on-site and resource materials. The format of the program has changed where it can now be offered on site or via distance learning interactive tv network.

This program continues to grow and evolve and participation continues to increase. The participants have been farmers, retired farmers, land owners and want to be farmers. They have been very eager learners and good with technology. The age group has varied from young farmers just starting out to folks well past retirement age. An evaluation tool was used to gather feedback at the conclusion of the program. The feedback has been used to modify the current program. Curriculum, feedback and lessons learned will be shared in this session.