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Conference Name Women Marketing Grain & Livestock

Karisha Devlin


This twelve hour (four sessions) course was developed to teach marketing fundamentals to Missouri farmwomen. The major topics of the course include futures, options, cash contracts, marketing strategies, livestock marketing, historical trends, fundamental outlook, and using crop insurance as a tool. In addition, the participants develop a marketing plan for their farm business. Class evaluations show a great interest in continuing learning about marketing. As a result, some participants have furthered their education by taking a field trip to tour the CME Group (Chicago Board of Trade/Chicago Mercantile Exchange) to see firsthand how the future markets operate day to day.

In 2006, a team of University of Missouri Extension Agriculture Business Specialists developed the Women Marketing Grain & Livestock curriculum. The curriculum was designed to be adaptable according to the prevalent type of agriculture in the local area. Therefore, some classes devote two sessions to livestock marketing and other classes spend two sessions on grain marketing. The course has been taught both in a traditional classroom setting as well as via interactive television. The course is evaluated by beginning and ending class surveys, which were developed by the curriculum team. Last year, the curriculum was updated to reflect the needs of the participants.