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Conference Name Adapting to the Pandemic, Zooming with a Webinar Series

Ron Haugen


With the pandemic effecting all of our lives, the North Dakota State University Extension Agribusiness group had to adapt to the changing times. With no face-to-face meeting possible, virtual was the way to go. It was decided to do a virtual weekly webinar series. The title chosen was “Agricultural Market Situation and Outlook.” Markets, economy, farm management, bio-energy and pandemic legislation were the main topics. Zoom technology was used. We tried to reach our normal clientele by getting the word out and promoting through the media and the county agent field staff. The intended audience was agricultural producers, lenders, insurance agents and the general public.

The presentation to the ERME conference discusses: a description of the webinar series, Zoom pros, cons and features, selected presentation materials, program administration and program statistics. Participants of the ERME conference and others could use this information and adapt for their own use.