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Conference Name ARC-PLC Farm Program Decision Tool

Ron Haugen


NDSU Extension has developed an ARC-PLC decision tool to help producers with the annual election. The tool is an Excel spreadsheet posted online, in which producers can download and enter their own information. NDSU Extension has trained county agents from around the state to use this tool. They can work one-on-one with producers. NDSU has used and updated this tool for each year of the farm bill.

NDSU Extension has teamed up with the North Dakota State Farm Service Agency to do webinars describing the ARC-PLC program and demonstrating the NDSU decision tool. News releases from NDSU and FSA promoted these sessions. The intended audience was agricultural producers, lenders, insurance agents and the general public.

The presentation to the ERME conference discusses a description of the ARC-PLC programming, the explanation of the farm program, and a demonstration of the decision tool, as well as selected presentation materials and program statistics. Participants of the ERME conference and others could use this information and adapt for their own use.