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Conference Name Income Tax Webinar using Zoom, The First-Time Experience

Ron Haugen


An income tax webinar was conducted entitled Income Tax Management for Agricultural Producers. The program was conducted by North Dakota State University Extension, Fargo, ND. The intended audience was agricultural producers and income tax preparers. Topics presented include: general income tax updates, depreciation, retirement planning, and various tax deductions. The objective is to educate attendees so they can be better informed about income taxes and be better tax preparers or farm managers.

Zoom technology was used for the first time. It was used to present to various sites with speakers presenting from various sites.

The presentation to the ERME conference discusses: a description of the webinar, Zoom pros and cons, selected presentation materials, program administration and program evaluations and statistics. Attendees of the ERME conference and others could use this information and adapt for their own use.