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Conference Name Addressing Farm Labor Issues With a Complete HR Support System.

Kristine Ranger


Agriculture entities of all types cite labor issues as a core business concern but research over the past two years’ points to leadership teams who lack knowledge and understanding about best practices in Organizational Development (OD) or health, Human Resource Management (HRM), and Talent Development (TD) as the root problem for turnover and disengaged workers. HRM, TD and OD disciplines are all founded on the belief of self-renewal and seek to build flexible and adaptable capability in both individuals and the organization so it makes sense that learning and talent development must be linked to change and organizational development initiatives. Within that approach, clarity on organizational health, effective onboarding, and enhanced performance coaching are critical building blocks of a complete HR support system.
Using a complete HR system ensures that HRM functions (including succession planning) are integrated across a wider cross section of business needs to include all aspects of people processes that can deliver organizational effectiveness: the right people, the right culture, the right leadership, the right organizational design, the right change management processes and the right people, policies and procedures. This presentation includes an overview of how to develop leadership teams with a systems approach to ensure that solutions are transformational, rather than just transactional.