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Conference Name Management Essentials for High Performing People, Teams and Organizations

Kristine Ranger


Management is such a vast subject that it is difficult to restrict a discussion to a select few management skills, however, this session targets five essential manager proficiencies that lead to increased employee engagement and performance. The reality is that interpersonal skills don’t come naturally to many people, but yet they can be learned. While it is difficult to know exactly what factors negatively impact performance, a key component of this approach is for participants to first understand motivation and the factors that lead to disengaged employees. We will discuss how using the deliberate practice (learn, practice, receive feedback, practice) model can support aptitude in the areas of building trust, coaching and mentoring others, and creating a culture of inclusion, alignment and teamwork.
The challenge in developing these management skills is that they are dependent on each other, i.e. managers have to build trust before they can be effective at mentoring and they need mentoring skills to be effective at inclusion and alignment. Although high performing teams and organizations have leaders who employ all of the above skills, none of these skills can be learned during a single “training” event. Developing these skills requires 1) the unlearning of old habits, sometimes habits of a lifetime, 2) the relearning of skills never applied to this situation, and 3) the learning of new skills and habits to increase engagement and improve performance. Participants will recognize how an ongoing process of learning can be implemented to develop targeted proficiencies and a successful management style.

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