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Conference Name Ag Decisions- Tying the Pieces Together

Camie Janikowski


The Agriculture Decisions- Tying the Pieces Together Project was a series of workshops and programs based off of the Marketing Club concept by getting a group to meet regularly and have ownership in the agenda. This project resulted from requests from our Annie’s Project participants and their families.

A wide variety of risk management subjects were covered through this project period including: Estate Planning & Farm Transfer, Family Business Communications, Rangeland Management, Global Economies and Marketing, Speaking-up for Agriculture, and Management Strategies to Decrease Fertilizer Costs.

This presentation will address how to involve producers in planning an educational agenda and how to give them ownership in the project. We feel it is important to include all members of an operation in these educational opportunities, therefore we took extra measures to include spouses and all generations involved. This project accommodated a variety of producers and operations through risk management education.