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Conference Name Annie’s Project Second Level- Women Marketing Grain-Producer Impacts

Bob Wells


Grain marketing is area where most farm businesses can increase their net income. By becoming a better grain marketer and eliminating the five common mistakes producers make, the average farm can average an additional fifteen to twenty cents more for each bushel of grain sold. Over the past five years Iowa State University Extension has delivered the highly successful Winning the Game program. Evaluations of this program repeatedly show an increase in the average sale price of grain. By adapting Winning the Game to the unique needs of the female learner, adding class time for in depth discussion of grain marketing and developing the knowledge, skills and abilities of the female farm business partner, producers can increase their net income by $20 to $25 per acre.

Post class assessments of the initial Annie’s Project-Women Marketing Grain indicate that the participants better understand grain marketing and are more apt to develop and implement grain marketing plans than male participants in the Winning the Game program. The implementation of grain marketing plans by Annie’s Project Women Marketing Grain approaches 100 per cent. The average reported increase in net income from grain sales are in the range of twenty to twenty-five cents per bushel marketed. Based on the number of bushels reported marketed by participants, this represents an annual economic impact of approximately $12500.00 per participant and an annual program impact of approximately $3.5 million.