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Conference Name Investing for Farm Families - A Piece of the Retirement Puzzle

Bob Wells


A secure future and a farm for future generations are only part of the concerns faced by today’s farm women. It’s everything a farm family wants, but how do you secure that future is a question answered by Investing for Farm Families.

Investing for Farm Families provides critical information farm and ranch families need to make strategic decisions while weaving together farm and personal investments. The primary course benefit is the thoughtful analysis of how on- and off-farm investments can be balanced based on each participant´s unique situation. While farm and ranch families tend to be more comfortable with investments they can see and use, Investing for Farm Families helps farmers learn to diversify investments and develop a long term plan for a financially stable future.

Investing for Farm Families is where farm and ranch families learn to increase their future financial security, identify investment strategies, learn asset allocation basics, evaluate investment production alternatives for agriculture business risks, invest for retirement and begin the conversation leading to a successful farm or ranch business transition.

The curriculum uses methodology fostering participatory learning and leaving a local supporting practitioner network. Surveys and focus groups conducted by the development team indicated that farm and ranch families have unique investing needs and learning preferences. These needs are met with Investing for Farm Families. A Financial Regulatory Authority Investor Education Foundation grant brought together a nationwide team of extension staff creating an educational course meeting the unique needs of farm and ranch families.