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Conference Name Managing for Today and Tomorrow: Navigating the Farm and Ranch Transition Puzzle

Kelvin Leibold, Ruth Hambleton, Tim Eggers, Mary Sobba, Bob Wells, Karisha Devlin, Madeline Schultz, and Jason Johnson


Managing for Today and Tomorrow is a specialized program designed for farm and ranch women to empower them as they embark on the journey to transition their farm or ranch legacy. A multi-discipline team of extension educators and business men and women pooled their collective resources and experiences to focus on the needs of today’s farm and ranch women and the role she can undertake in successfully participating in and leading the family farm or ranch through the succession planning, business planning, estate planning, and retirement planning process to transition the families legacy.

From hours of discussion, scores of material review and pilot testing the team has constructed a five session (15 hour) course in the tradition of Annie’s Project. In the safety and comfort of a small group of peers from all generations, the participant’s benefit from lectures, discussions and activities designed to educate and empower them to take an effective leadership role in the farm or ranch transition planning process.

Managing for Today and Tomorrow utilizes the core values of Annie’s Project: Guided Intelligence, Connection, Discovery and Safe Harbor; to provide an environment in which a broad range of farm and ranch learners can thrive while developing the knowledge, skills and abilities to take leadership in the successful family farm or ranch transition to a succeeding generation.