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Conference Name Annie´s Project - Start to Finish

Tim Eggers


Annie´s Project is more of a concept than a program. In this session I will explain how I apply the Annie’s Project concept to the base program and a grain marketing program in southwest Iowa. This session should help participants to decrease the time it takes to effectively facilitate an Annie’s Project.

Annie´s Project is a time consuming activity that provides significant impact to the students, presenters, and facilitator. It is a recognized program with a natural hook and proven method. The hook sets effectively, and few sponsors or clients can look you in the eye and say they aren’t interested. Few practitioners will express reluctance to the instruction method.

Many participants in the National Farm Management Conference are aware of Annie’s Project, and several have facilitated a site. This session will provide a conversation starter for alternative ways to apply the concept. It will also provide a recipe for a program that has no set list of ingredients.