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Conference Name Annie´s Project - Women Marketing Grain

Tim Eggers


This session will address successes and failures in the implementation of Annie’s Project-Women Marketing Grain (AP-WMG) in Iowa. AP-WMG teaches both strategic and tactical grain marketing and the tools for each. The program continues the Annie’s Project model of question any thing at any time group discussion, time for private discussion at breaks, encouragement of mentoring, and participant ownership of the learning environment.

AP-WMG builds on the success of Annie’s Project and Winning the Game (WtG). Since 2003, Annie’s Project has educated 977 Iowa farm business partners in production, financial, marketing, legal, and human resources risk. Since 2003 WtG has educated 5,700 Iowa farmers in production and marketing risk. When Annie’s Project participants were surveyed about their desire for additional risk management education, eighty-one percent of participants indicated a preference for additional in-depth market risk management training.

Winning the Game is an intense three hour program in either its pre or post harvest versions. We will discuss the results of simply doubling the contact time for a Winning the Game session and adding another three hours for a discussion of relevant marketing tools. Can effecting programming for women in agriculture be this simple?