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Conference Name Annie´s Project-Risk Management Education for Farm Women

Bob Wells


Annie’s Project employ’s the premise that there are many learning avenues and abundant technologies to manage a farm business. Annie’s Project, coordinates educational processes encompassing a practical, broad vision of farm business management, targets subjects relevant to farm business and promotes group dynamics by developing support networks, interpersonal skills, and using the best available technologies to manage a farm business. Annie’s Project participants receive training in all five areas of risk management in six sessions. Since 2003, Annie’s Project has increased the knowledge, skills and abilities in risk management of farm businesses to over 4800 farm business partners in twenty states. First this poster is designed to inform conference attendees about the outcomes and impacts attributed to Annie’s Project. Additionally, to begin build partnerships with other extension educators, including 1862 land grants, 1890 land grants, tribal colleges and traditionally Hispanic serving institutions.

Annie’s Project uses participatory learning in a safe environment. This approach uses specialist to educate, practitioners to illustrate application and group dialogue to achieve the educational goals. Participants in Annie’s Project become better farm business partners and are more likely to develop and implement marketing plans, business plans and whole farm risk management plans. In addition, participants become more active in the community and possess the skills to work with professionals to meet individual and farm business goals.