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Conference Name Annie´s Project-Why Some Programs Find Wide Spread Appeal

Bob Wells


Occasionally in our role as educators, an idea finds its way to regional or national status. While there are no set formulas, we believe that nine criteria must be met for a program’s development and growth. Retrospective analyses of programs that grow from idea to national appeal reveal that the following nine concepts are met.

1. Fills a deep-seated desire for becoming a better person.
2. Understands common needs and human conditions across a broad spectrum of circumstances.
3. Can be easily adapted to local conditions and needs – logically simplistic.
4. Provides a network of individuals with common goals and challenges.
5. Cultivates the desire to become a life-long learner.
6. Legitimizes the learner’s role in meaningful ways.
7. Builds skills that contribute to confidence, purpose, and control.
8. Must be interesting for both the participant and instructor.
9. Articulates a clear purpose and understanding.

Annie’s Project, designed to empower farmwomen to manage information systems used in critical decision making processes, is an example of an idea meeting these criteria. The target audience is farmwomen with a passion for business and involvement.

Annie’s Project coordinates educational processes encompassing a practical, broad vision of farm business management; targets relevant subjects, promotes group dynamics by developing support networks and interpersonal skills, and using the best available technologies. Annie’s Project provides farm management education in five risk management areas: production, marketing, financial, legal and human resources.

This presentation includes a panel discussion by farm business partners who have attended an Annie’s Project class.

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