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Conference Name Ask the Expert – Engaging Farmers on Risk Management Issues at the Farm Science Review

David Marrison, Chris Bruynis, and Jeff Workman


Extension Educators are always searching for creative ways to provide risk management education. Typically, risk management education is provided through traditional workshops, but there are other creative ways to provide. One such way which OSU Extension and the College of Veterinary Medicine have found is through the “Ask the Expert” area at Ohio State’s Farm Science Review. The review, held each September, is known as Ohio’s premier agricultural event. It attracts nearly 115,000 farmers and agribusiness personnel where they can visit over 600 commercial exhibitors, view field demonstrations, and educational presentations. Each day the “Ask the Expert” area highlights 15 experts being interviewed in 20 minutes increments about the hottest risk management challenges facing farmers. Average attendance during the past four years has been 1,220 persons annually. Some of the topics included: farm bill decision making, farm stress, farm legal issues, hemp legislation, farm trade and policy, farm taxes, crop budgeting, farm succession, genetically modified crops, grain marketing, and antibiotic use in livestock. Each speaker is available to meet with the public to answer specific questions and educational materials relating to the topics are provided. The response to these sessions has been tremendous. A farmer from Indiana commented the information he learned about the new Qualified Business Income was worth the drive over and price of admission. The media also uses these sessions to publish featured articles. A Farm World reporter quipped in 2017 the “Ask the Expert” sessions are the best thing at the Farm Science Review.