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Conference Name Average Crop Revenue Election Education Program

Ron Haugen


Average Crop Revenue Election Education Program

By Ron Haugen, Andy Swenson and Dwight Aakre, North Dakota State University Extension Service.

The 2009 Farm Bill provided an Average Crop Revenue Election (ACRE). By electing this provision, producers agree to give up 20 percent of direct payments, all countercyclical payment and have 30 percent reduction in loan rates. They are also locked into the election for the length of the Farm Bill to 2012.

North Dakota State University Extension Service provided an educational effort for producers during the 2009 winter season.

Approximately 30 workshops were held in various locations and venues across the state.

The focus of the workshops was to help producers decide whether or not to elect to enter the ACRE program. It is key risk management decision for the producer.

The workshops included an outline of the rules and stipulation of the program.

Software was developed employing an Excel spreadsheet as a decision tool. The software was demonstrated and hands-on examples were used in several workshops. The software was available for download on the NDSU Extension website.

Producers can elect to sign up for ACRE any subsequent years of the farm bill, so this topic is current and ongoing.

The presentation to the National Women in Agriculture Educators Conference would include an overview of the ACRE stipulations and a demonstration of the software. Educators could use the information and adapt it to their own region.