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Conference Name B.A.M. Young Ag Leader Program

David Marrison


This presentation will share the information on the “Buckeye Ag Manager” three day agricultural leadership and management workshop held for young agricultural managers in Northeast Ohio in 2006. This three-part, eighteen hour workshop focused on developing the skills of the next generation of agricultural farm managers. The main topics that participants received training in include assessing the next generation of agribusiness leaders, financial management, and assessing your operation and building for the future. Specific topics that were taught in this workshop included: personality styles, COLOR personality assessments, functions of management, developing a mission statement and goals for your farm business, completing a SWOT analysis of your farm business, balance sheets, cash flow statements, enterprise analysis, profit and loss statements, and cost of production calculations. Participants also learned how to develop a transition plan for their business and how communication and family relationships impact the farm business. The Educator will share the resource and teaching materials developed for the course and will share results of the program evaluations. Tips will also be provided for those who wish to replicate this program in their state.
This presentation could also be developed as a poster display as well.

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