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Conference Name Census of Agriculture Resources

Damona Doye


The purpose of this session is to increase participant’s familiarity with Census of Agriculture demographic resources available on the NASS website, particularly as they relate to women and minorities in agriculture. This information is invaluable in increasing awareness of the diversity in agricultural operations, in identifying potential target audiences and in preparing project proposals. Examples of statistics that are available at the national and state level include Selected Farm Characteristics by Race of Principal Operator; for Women Principal Operators; for Spanish, Hispanic, or Latino Origin Principal Operators; for Women Operators; for Spanish, Hispanic, or Latino Origin Operators; Age and Primary Occupation of Principal Operator; Tenure of Principal Operator and by Operators on Farm; and American Indian and Alaska Native Farm Operators.

At the state level other data tables include Tenure, Number of Operators, Type of Organization, and Principal Operator Characteristics; White Operators; Black or African American Operators; American Indian or Alaska Native Operators; Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander Operators; Asian Operators; Operators Reporting More Than One Race; Women Principal Operators; Women Operators; Women Principal Operators by Tenure; and Spanish, Hispanic, or Latino Origin Operators.

Finally, U.S. Agricultural Atlas Maps include ones showing the percent of farms with female principal operators by county across the nation. Specialty products and specialty studies include minority and women principal operators.

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