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Conference Name Commodity Challenge

Edward Usset


Commodity Challenge is an on-line grain trading game that features real time cash, futures and options quotes. Farmers use it learn more about pricing tools and to practice executing marketing plans. High school, technical college and University classrooms use it to give students hands-on experience with important topics and concepts related to price risk management.

The Commodity Challenge website recently went through a complete transformation. The revamped web site features expanded curriculum and on-line training videos - these will help game leaders integrate Commodity Challenge into any group that wants to learn more about the use of futures and options in price risk management. The new look also incorporates social media and awards "badges" to promote active use and the education agenda. It also promises to generate greater interest from agriculture professionals who want to learn more on their own time.

I will us my 30 minutes to share examples of how the web site is currently being used, and to pique the audience’s interest in the educational possibilities of Commodity Challenge.