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Conference Name Delivering Ag-Marketing Education in Puerto Rico

Alexandra Gregory and Gladys González


Farmers and ranchers in Puerto Rico need more marketing skills, so they can manage marketing risks. This project proposed to deliver marketing skills and consumer economics education to two groups in Puerto Rico. Two objectives of the projects are: (1) deliver non formal education to develop marketing skills and a marketing plan and (2) deliver non formal education so participants can adapt to changes in consumer preferences and market trends. To achieve objectives we proposed to offer 24 hours of training in the following topics: Managing Risks, Introduction to Marketing, Market Trends and Introduction to Microeconomics, Market Segmentation and Target Market, Decisions based on a Consumer Approach, Introduction to Market and Consumer Research, Developing Marketing Plan, Developing a Business Plan, and Promotion and Importance of promoting in Social Networks. This has been the first Marketing Course of its kind in Puerto Rico to be delivered to farmers and ranchers. The project proposed to impact 2 groups and the first has already been impacted. This poster presentation includes results from pre and post test for the first group of farmers and ranchers as well as participants’ satisfaction with the course and topics covered.