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Conference Name Entrepreneurship Center for Women in Puerto Rico’s Agriculture: Years 1 and 2

Gladys González


A program designed with the training needs and cultural realities of women in Puerto Rico´s agriculture has been offered by University of Puerto Rico’s Agricultural Extension Service through a SRRMEC Grant and sponsorship of other public and non- government organizations. With the mission to empower women to contribute to Puerto Rico’s economic development, it started impacting two groups of females of approximately 20 each, one from four municipalities located in the Island’s central mountain range and another from the southwestern region. The topics covered include business management, with emphasis in agricultubusiness risk management as well as self-esteem enhancement activities. Participants are expected to complete a two part sequence: basic and advanced courses. The program has also served as a paradigm shift for UPRs AES educational program due to its transdisciplinary and inclusive nature. Participants are invited by field extension agents from participating offices. Since the second year, the Center has been receiving requests from women who want to participate, making groups bigger than the numbers anticipated and increasing the need to form additional groups. In year 2, twenty four female participants of 4-H and FFA organizations, under mentorship of female extension field agents and agricultural education teachers, respectively, developed an agri-business plan. An unexpected outcome of the program has been the interest shown by regional and Island-wide press, radio, television and newspapers, to cover activities and interview participants. Over 120 women trained by the Center since its inception have experienced transformations in personal, family and business aspects.