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Conference Name Impact of Risk Management Online Courses in Puerto Rico

Alexandra Gregory, Gladys González, Gabriella Giessler, and Amanda Reyes


Farmers and ranchers in Puerto Rico have suffered many losses due to state emergencies such as hurricanes, earthquakes, and now due to the pandemic. After these events, especially after the hurricane, farmers and ranchers have seen the need to have crop insurance, insurance in general, and accounting records specially to submit claims to the insurance companies and to start appealing process for the USDA insurance programs. Risk Management and Emergency Preparedness in Puerto Rico proposed to deliver accounting, financial skills and tools for the target audience so they can have up-to-date accounting information reduce financial risks and prepare for the next event. To achieve objectives, we proposed to offer 16 hours of training in the following topics: Risk Management, Income Statement, Cash Flow, Inventory, Balance Sheet, Financial Score Card, Introduction to Microsoft Excel and the Accounting and Financial System for Farms in Excel. Participants profile, pre and post test were performed and to analyze participants’ knowledge and evaluate if workshops had a positive impact for their farms and agribusiness. The poster presentation includes results from the pre-posts tests and participants profile to determine the impact of educational activities and materials.