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Conference Name Farm Safety

Helen Brown and Frances Gibson


The purpose of this presentation is to illustrate some of the possible hazards on a farm and offer farmers some suggestions to keep their farms safe. Working on a farm presents many hazardous conditions. Farm workers are injured or die every year as a result of accidents that occur on the farm. Emergency preparedness is recognizing what to do, having an emergency plan, and effectively communicating the plan to everyone on the farm. It’s important to have First Aid Kits, contact list, and how to treat various farm injuries instruction in a specific area that is accessible to everyone on the farm. Being prepared before an actual emergency will help farmers and their staff to face some of the challenges confidently and optimistically.
United Farmers USA will show the direct causes of farm hazards, how they affect the family and the benefits of having a Farm Safety Plan in place to protect those they love. Most farm accidents and fatalities involve machinery. Tips will be given on proper machine guarding and doing equipment maintenance. Employees must be properly trained and read instructional manuals before operating any machines or equipment.
Farmers, who take extra precautions to prepare the farm for safety, train the workers, and communicate to the workers, and provide safety tips to all its workers, can help reduce the number of accidents and injuries on their farm.