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Conference Name Women Producers Coping Through Small Support Groups

Helen Brown and Frances Gibson


In response to Women Farm Producers wanting to learn how to cope with the ins and outs of farm life when it seems they have been dealt a bad hand or when they have lost the key component to managing or running the farm; Frances Gibson and Helen Brown with United Farmers USA decided to incorporate and teach Women Farmers and Producers the techniques of using small support groups to help them manage risk when sudden changes occur in farm life. They have been using support groups in various farm communities in the State of South Carolina to educate veterans and seasoned farmers over five years. For the Veterans to educate and help them cope with stressors that were prominent in their life after returning home to find no jobs and becoming a new and beginning farmer, rancher or forest landowner. For the seasoned farmer who might have committed suicide or given up farm life at the tail end of a disaster, they have taught them how to use small support groups to share (vent) those frustrations they may experience being on or owning the farm.
This presentation will share how UFUSA initially began to use small support groups, the risk involved when women take over the roles of managing the farm, and the results obtained as a result of women becoming a part of small support groups.