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Conference Name Farm/Ranch Succession Education for Nebraskans

Allan Vyhnalek


This session will highlight strategies that have been used recently in Nebraska for teaching Ag Estate Transition and Succession. Information from Ag Professionals in Nebraska shows that not quite half of Nebraska producers have any estate plan or an up-to-date plan. We will review communication strategies families can employ to successfully begin this important planning and evaluate correct and incorrect assumptions that are often made in the process. The discussion will include mistakes and successes as each point is examined. In addition, the latest steps being taught in Nebraska for successful transition planning will be reviewed. The presentation will also provide an update of the Nebraska Land Link Program, started in 2021, to link Land Seekers with Landowners. The Land Link program allows both Land Seekers and Landowners to fill out an on-line application to be registered in the database. program will give a report on the success of that after its first year.