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Conference Name Incorporating Investing for Farm Families into a second level Annie´s Project

Ruth Hambleton


Investing for Farm Families (IFF) is an eXtension on-line education course made possible by a grant from the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) Investor Education Foundation. The 8-lesson course helps farm families meet their business-specific financial and investing needs and plan for a more financially stable future. Farm families can sign up to take the course through eXtension for free and work at their own pace while taking the course. Underlying the on-line course for farm families is an 11 unit basic investment on-line education course called Investing for Your Future (IFYF) Convenient links have been designed into IFF making it possible for participants to study basic investment principles through IFYF. This 90 minute session will first share the background of IFF, and show how it is linked to IFYF. Secondly, instructors will demonstrate how to enroll in the on-line course IFF and give a brief run through of the website highlighting the main resources gathered for IFF. And finally, instructors will show how Annie’s Project incorporates IFF for second level classes. Second level Annie’s Project classes are designed to focus on a specific subject introduced in the basic level Annie’s Project classes. As women complete a basic level Annie’s Project they request additional classes that are more advanced and focused on a particular subject. Participants in this breakout will learn how the on-line resource IFF can be adapted for "Farm Women and Finances", a second level course for Annie´s Project.