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Conference Name Kentucky State University´s Risk Management Education Program

Marion Simon


Kentucky State University initiatiated a risk management education program for small farmers and paraprofessionals through the support of the Southern Region Risk Management Education Center. This program addresses production and marketing risk management for small tobacco farmers who are looking at alternative sources of income. The program involves the training of paraprofessionals to deliver educational programs, workshops and meetings at the Mennonite-owned Fairview Produce Auction, Inc., African American churches, Kentucky State University┬┤s popular "Third Thursday" educational workshops, and educational tours for farmers including the Southern Sustainable Agriculture Working Groups Conference (SAWG). Risk Management Education provided through the USDA Risk Management Agency´s Outreach Program provided funding for one-on-one education, web-sites, and educational programs at the Kentucky Women in Agriculture Conferences and the Kentucky Small, Limited-Resource/Minority Farmer´s Conferences.