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Conference Name Land Lease Education Program

Ron Haugen and Willie Hout


North Dakota State University Extension Service conducted an educational effort on farm land leases.

From 2012 to 2014, thirty-two land lease workshops were held throughout North Dakota. Workshops were open to landlords and tenants. Total attendance was 1,019. All facets of farm leases were discussed including flexible rents, legalities, economics, communications and negotiations. Land lease aspects are a vital part of a farm operation.

The objectives of the workshops were to educate participants to look at both sides of the landlord/tenant relationships and understand each perspective. Interactive audience questioning was conducted. As a result of workshops, participants gained a better understanding and insight of the landlord/tenant perspectives. Participants developed a greater understanding of selecting and drafting a land lease and also knowing necessary elements to be included in a land lease.

The presentation to the Extension Risk Management Education’s Women in Agriculture Educators National Conference includes an overview of presentation materials, a discussion of landlord/tenant communications and a description of the program. Educators could use this information and adapt it for their own needs.

Presentation Materials