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Conference Name Landlord/Tenant Cash Lease Workshops

Allan Vyhnalek and Tim Lemmons


Most Land owners and Tenants want to come up with appropriate agricultural land leases that are amiable to both. With significant amounts of agricultural land being passed to the next generation and with the price volatility of land markets over the past four years, lease negotiations have become more tenuous. University of Nebraska Extension educators developed and delivered programming in 2011 and 2012 to help with landlord and tenant relationships, and help foster the development of flexible cash provisions for farm leases. This programming was held at 43 sites and was attended by 1872 participants.

The Landlord/Tenant Cash Lease Workshop is a three hour effort to: review current land values and cash rent values and trends, cover appropriate communications between the tenant and the landlord, and educate about the use flexible cash lease provisions. Grants for approximately $38,000 were obtained to provide financial assistance programming towards this effort from the Nebraska Soybean Board and the North Central Risk Management Education Center. This program featured distinct and measurable objectives related to the education of the participants and necessary actions determined to demonstrate success. Simple improvements in understanding of the aforementioned focal topics, while important, are subsidiary to behavior change and action.

The purpose of this presentation would be to highlight the methodology of the program, highlight and report on stated objectives and goals, and demonstrate the future research base for these activities.

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