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Conference Name Leadership for Successful Employee Management

Nathan Hulinsky


Learn how to get your employees more motivated and engaged. Employee turnover is costly to any business; The Society for Human Resources Management estimates that employee turnover costs a business six to nine months of salary. Leadership for Successful Employee Management helped managers improve employee communication and management, thereby increasing employee retention.

Each program the University of Minnesota Extension conducted consisted of three classes and two webinars that featured lectures, discussion, and exercises. Participants improved their leadership, communication, and supervisory skills to become the employer of choice. Instructors introduced strategic concepts first (e.g. business culture, leadership, employee engagement) and checked in throughout the program to see how participants were implementing these skills in their business. During the last class, more tactical issues, such as hiring and tax laws, were discussed. The program addresses both human and legal risk. Two sites with all three classes were presented with the total attendance of 35 participants. This workshop was geared towards dairy and hog farmers due to their labor-intensive industry. This session will go over the results of the course and ideas for future employee management strategies.