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Conference Name Managing Risk for Seafood Agribusinesses in Puerto Rico

Alexandra Gregory, Joe Lucarne, and D'Loruama Robles


Fishermen are part of the Agri-Food System. Their business falls within the definition of an agribusiness, but they are not treated as such. Fishermen agribusiness suffered from many sources of specially risks associated to production and financial risks. In Puerto Rico they have suffered many losses due to state emergencies such as hurricanes, earthquakes, and now due to the pandemic. Thus, there is a need to teach this group of producers so they can manage their risks. With the 2019 Outreach and Assistance for Socially Disadvantage Farmers project we proposed to deliver managerial tools for the target audience, so they reduce their production and financial risks. We proposed to offer 15 hours of training in the following topics: Introduction to Record Keeping, Business Plan, Marketing Plan, Balance Sheet, Computer Literacy and electronic applications to improve business communications. To our knowledge this will be the first course applied to this group in Puerto Rico. Participants’ profile, pre and post test were collected and analyzed to measure participants’ knowledge and evaluate if workshops had a positive impact for their agribusiness. The poster presentation includes results from the pre-post tests and participants profile to determine the impact of educational activities and materials.