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Conference Name Maryland Annie´s Project Suppers

Jessica Flores


Maryland’s Annie’s Project started in 2008 and has since expanded to 14 sites in region educating 514 women. Annie’s Project is designed to empower women in agriculture by providing information in farm management and building local networks. The target audience is women with a passion for business, agriculture and involvement in the farm operation.

In 2015, one Maryland county held an Annie’s Project Supper series after offering a continuous Annie’s Project class in an attempt to reach out to women who were unable to committee to the full 8 week program. It was found to be successful. In 2016, five locations across Maryland offered these “Supper Series.” The suppers also encourage past Annie’s Project participants to come back and expand their knowledge on additional topics that pertain to farm risk management. This is a more flexible format that allows participants to attend as many or as few seminars as they are able. Each seminar includes a hot meal, a guest speaker, and concludes with round table discussion.

This program offers several core values: 1.) Safe Harbor - all questions or situations are welcomed for sharing and open discussion, 2.) Connection - to each other and to professionals introduced to them in class, 3.) Discovery - the moment when something makes sense where before it did not, and 4.) Guided Intelligence - at any one time there is a woman in the audience who knows more about the subject being presented than the instructor and is willing to share her experience.