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Conference Name Meeting Educational Needs on “Hot” Issues: Risk Management Education on Shale Gas Development

Peggy Hall


Ohio is in the midst of an oil and gas boom. Several years ago, OSU Extension educators learned that the boom was approaching Ohio and that our agricultural landowners could be significantly impacted. We understood that not only was there urgent need to help landowners make informed decisions about oil and gas development, but there would be high need for objective, research-based education in the face of rapidly increasing public controversy over shale development.

How can educators meet the needs for education on “hot” issues like shale development that pose high risks for agricultural landowners? In response to Ohio’s situation, OSU Extension took a multi-pronged approach: learn as much as possible; identify sources of assistance; prioritize issues and needs; develop and deliver research-based, objective resources as quickly as possible and be prepared for public conflict.

Our Risk Management Education grant project played an important role in our response strategy by enabling us to develop the OSU Extension Shale Education Program. Through the grant, we created a program website, developed educational publications and implemented outreach programs that offer attendees tools for risk management and one-on-one contact with educators.

“Hot” issues like oil and gas development constantly demand the attention of risk management educators. In this session, we hope to transfer our lessons learned to other risk management educators. We will summarize the Shale Education Program, present program results and share strategies for addressing "hot" risk management education needs in an environment of urgency and controversy.

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