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Conference Name MidAtlantic Women in Agriculture: How to Stay “Connected”

Shannon Dill and Jennifer Rhodes


Educational programs that target Women in Agriculture are more abundant than ever. Maryland and Delaware are no exception to this trend. This year marks the 13th Regional Women in Agriculture Conference and 8th year for Annie’s Project and connects over 400 participants annually.

As programs like Annie’s Project grew and sessions concluded there were questions on how to keep the participants connected to the network and to stay engaged. Multiple channels have been utilized to continue education and networking of past participants. These include a quarterly newsletter, websites, social media and regular webinars. This poster will focus on MidAtlantic Women in Agriculture’s effort to stay connected with past participants.

Activity results in 2014 include 18 webinars with 241 registrants on a variety of topics in farm and risk management. Social media efforts are growing. To date there are 496 Facebook likes, 514 total reach, 47 people engaged. Twitter includes 88 followers and posts to #womeninag. There are 24 Pinterest boards, 198 pins 79 followers.