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Conference Name Montana MarketManager - A Integrated Approach to Online Risk Management Education

Richard Owen


In 1998, the Montana Grain Growers Association created the Montana MarketManager program to improve the marketing and risk management skills of wheat and barley producers in the state. The program accomplishes it’s goal through three integrated components: workshops (traditional and videoconference), marketing clubs and a Montana-specific market information website. In 2000, through a partnership with the Montana Stockgrowers Association, livestock market information was integrated into all three parts of the program. In 2001, the MasterMarketer program (developed by TAMU Extension) was added.

The MarketManager program represents a partnership of farmers, ranchers, ag lenders, grain and livestock trade representatives, extension agents, and others involved in production agriculture, marketing and distance learning. This partnership between the public and private sectors is key to the success of the program. Since it’s inception, over 150 marketing/risk management workshops have been delivered to farmers and ranchers. In addition, the program supports over 25 marketing clubs around the state. The website, customized for Montana market conditions and supported by a website manager, has over 1,500 visitors per day. The website address is www.montanamarketmanger.org. An online marketing simulation game, Commodity Challenge, was added to allow farmers, students and others to practice realtime trading in an educational setting.