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Conference Name Risk Management Education-Reaching Farm Women Audiences

Bob Wells


USDA statistics suggest the number of women who are principle farm operators is increasing. USDA Risk Management Agency grants and stakeholder partnerships open avenues to educate and work with this audience.

While information needs and decision-making formulas remain the same for male and female audiences, how we reach, teach and work with female populations requires different attitudes and teaching environments.

This presentation reviews successful programs for farm and ranch women. These programs, Annie’s Project, Women Marketing Grain, Overall Women’s Conference, and Women in Agriculture, all contain nine identified criteria leading to a successful women’s program. Some of the programs are rigidly structured; while others are more a base program concept with no set agenda. Each program has a strong participant planning component and requires program delivery using a mix of educators, professionals and practitioners. Each of these groups bring a different perspective and skill set to the educational process and they are willing to partner for a common cause, education of farm and ranch women. These groups of educators communicate formally and informally the goals and outcomes for learners and harness group dynamics to enhance the learning experiences.