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Conference Name Southeastern Beef Cattle Marketing Schools

Todd Davis


An integrated educational program that combines classroom and hands-on experiences will teach Southeast cow-calf producers, extension agents, and agricultural lenders how to calculate breakeven prices that cover variable, total and family living costs, provide market outlook and price potential, and demonstrate how futures and options can reduce price risk. Case studies and marketing games will be used inside the classroom to teach price risk management. Outside the classroom, producers will improve their understanding of market grading and how calf quality affects sales price.

Likely participants will operate a diversified cow-calf operation that also produces forages and agronomic crops. Other likely participants will be cow-calf producers employed full-time off-farm. Agricultural lenders and county extension agents will also be targeted as they often have a close relationship with producers. Spouses will also be encouraged to attend the workshop to learn how improved marketing and risk management affects farm and household finances.

As a result of this educational program, producers should be able to calculate breakeven price, form a reasonable price expectation, and implement a marketing strategy. It is expected that attendees will collaborate more closely with extension agents, specialists, and industry experts in improving their risk management practices.