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Conference Name Stockpiled Bahia, a secret southern weapon against high prices.

William Kelley


Typically forages like fescue or Bermuda are considered the primary option(s) for stockpiling in Alabama. However, a current Auburn University research project demonstrates that stockpiling Bahia is a viable cool season feed option for cattle producers. Researchers looked at tonnage of Bahia produced at varying levels of nutrient amendments (nitrogen) added at multiple locations in south Alabama. There was variance in production levels across sites and amendment level. Researchers used a modified version of the Alabama Cooperative Extension System (ACES) Bahia grass grazing budget to estimate costs. (All stockpiling repetitions had a cost assignment, even repetitions that received zero amendment additions.) The estimated costs associated with the multiple stockpiling repetitions were compared with Bahia and Bermuda hay prices obtained from the ACES Profit Profiles publication. The stockpiled Bahia in the study was an economically viable alternative source of cattle feed compared to Bahia or Bermuda hay. This strategy can be of particular benefit to small and traditionally underserved producers who typically have the highest feed costs per animal.