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Conference Name The 1890 Small Farm Risk Management Education Manual

Marion Simon


The 1890 Small Farm Task Force received a competitive project under the CSREES National Initiatives in Risk Management Education Competitive Grants Program to provide a risk management education curriculum for low literacy and small farmers. Working with Donald West, the CSREES National Program Leader for Farm Business Management, and Kenneth Stokes of the Southern Region Risk Management Education Center, the project was revised and the decision was made to sub-contract with the Texas Cooperative Extension Service to use their Tomorrow's Top Agriculture Producers program as a basis for the materials. Working together Texas A&M University, Prairie View A&M University, Kentucky State University, and North Carolina A&T State University developed a manual entitled Risk Assessed Business Planning for Small Scale Producers. This comprehensive manual combines many aspects of risk management education in a readily understood form along with case studies to guide the producers through the process. The Southern Region Risk Management Education Center allocated funds to train 1890 system specialists on the use of the manual and associated materials. These specialists will then use the materials in statewide Risk Management Education programming. This manual, when placed on-line, will be used in e-Extension agent and producer training activities and as a part of the Southern Region's Cooperative Extension Competency Program (CECP).